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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Pakadswork Reviews: Scam or Legit? (Fake website)

Pakadswork Reviews: Scam or Legit?

Pakadswork Reviews

Pakadswork Reviews

Today, we will talk about this website It is a Pakistani website but it’s totally fake please don’t make an account on this site and don’t upgrade your account.  

Today, I have paid 500PKR from Jazz Cash on this number 03059831419 (Muhammad RIZWAN) and The TID number is 006788608197. When I press the Next button. I get the message “TID can’t be found in records”. I try to contact them about this problem, but when I try to call their given contact number (+923430373787) on the website. It was turned off, then I mailed them on their support email but they didn’t reply to me till now.
Pakadswork Reviews

I was surprised when I checked on YouTube for their reviews everyone is making videos about this website just for money because they mentioned on their website if you will make a video about their website they will pay for every 300 views. I have watched many videos about this website but no payment proof they are just scamming people. I have a humble request from Youtubers kindly don’t make videos about this website please save innocent people. If you really want to make videos about this site please exposed them.
Pakadswork Reviews

I have requested to innocent people don’t make an account on this website and exposed them. If anyone knows about this site please give us your opinion in the comments about this site. Your one comment saves other people from scammers. 
Beware from Pakadswork these are scammers.

what you say about these Pakadswork scammers?

If you also know about this Pakadswork please exposed them as soon as possible otherwise they will scam many people. Save your friends and family from these Pakadswork scammers. Share this post on social media. Also, give Pakadswork review to save innocent people. 

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